Les macarons de Nathalie was born in 2012, from the desire of Nathalie to combine high quality fabrics, such as cotton and linen, packed in small Italian laboratories, with the search for prints and embroidery: Liberty, Vichy, English embroidery, cotton veil , plumetis, etc ..
This combination, together with a careful selection of pima cotton, alpaca and baby alpaca yarns, handcrafted in South America following the ethical principles of the fair trade cooperative, leads to a perfect match.
In each collection a set of styles: bonton, romantic and an elegant retro.
The search for quality yarns, attention to detail and the extraordinary dexterity of the craftsmen complete the collections with a unique touch.



The artisanal production of knitwear of superior quality follows ethical principles and respect for the environment; artisans are the backbone of society and deserve the utmost respect and support. The cooperative promotes craft production and provides jobs to over 300 women, pledging to improve the quality of life of workers through fair pay and the best working conditions.



Alpaca, a soft fiber like silk, is a yarn of remarkable value thanks to its unique qualities.

Alpacas are bred to produce fine and very delicate fiber, extremely fine and more durable than cashmere. It is also a perfect fabric for children: it isolates moisture, is breathable and soft like silk, is lanolin-free, non-allergic and non-felted.